Centre for Applied Mental Health Research

The aim of the Centre for Applied Mental Health Research, led by Dr Jacqueline Parkes, is to work together to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people and communities. In order to rationalise the approach to mental health and wellbeing research, evaluations and consultancy in the Institute, the Centre will build on existing networks of specialist interest research and knowledge transfer forums, developing two work streams:

1. Strategies for wellbeing

2. Early recognition and intervention in mental ill health

Ultimately, the Centre will make a positive impact by enhancing mental wellbeing and delivering evidence which underpins improved, integrated and accessible mental health services. This will be undertaken by co-producing and implementing applied research, together with lay representatives, and partner care organisations in order to inform the development of more effective connected care pathways and social support networks for patients and carers. The evidence from this research, evaluation, and consultancy work will subsequently be translated into practical solutions which can be implemented to improve the mental health and wellbeing for all people.


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PhD Students

The Centre for Applied Mental Health Research has a significant number of completed PhD students and a growing body of current students affiliated, including:

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