Ageing Research Centre

The Ageing Research Centre (ARC), led by Professor Judith Sixsmith and Dr Lee Machado, is characterised by the holistic approach we take to human experience.  We take an integrated approach to research and to the issues affecting ageing individuals, communities and populations. ARC is active in co-producing research with older people, and contributes to ‘evidence into practice’ pathways to improve age-related health and wellbeing outcomes

Key areas of research within ARC are: ageing and wellbeing; ageing in place; chronic diseases including dementia and cancer; end of life care; ageing policy, long-term conditions and comorbidities; and, technology and ageing.

Our aims are to:

  1. Use research evidence to inform the delivery of improved age-related health and wellbeing outcomes for Northamptonshire, as well as nationally and internationally.
  2. Promote the integration of health, public health and social care for ageing populations through partnership between the University, the NHS and other public and private sector organisations.
  3. Better understand the biological mechanisms underpinning the ageing process and age-related diseases.

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Improving health and wellbeing outcomes for local people 65+


Exploring the value of providing responsive and home-based end-of-life care at the Rennie Grove Night Service


Sharing Stories for Wellbeing: An Evaluation


Exploring the Experiences of People with Early Stage Dementia through Photography and Storytelling


Knowledge is Power, Age ain’t Matter


Pre-clinical and clinical development of antisense oligonucleotide-mediated exon skipping as a therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)


Function and therapeutic targeting of dystrophin in the brain


Development and validation of reliable biochemical outcome measures for Duchenne muscular dystrophy clinical trials


Tau RNA processing in neurodegeneration


Motor Neurone Disease – Wheelchair Service Evaluation


Occupational Therapy and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: facilitating occupational performance of people with dementia (PhD study)


Development of molecular typing assays for Clostridium difficile


The role of the Campylobacter jejuni glycome in campylobacteriosis


Forget Me Nots Evaluation

May 2016

Place-Making with Older People: Towards Age Friendly Communities

December 2014

End of Life Scoping Review

December 2014

Evaluation of Singing for the Brain Pilot

December 2014

The role of the Fc receptor copy number variable region in autoimmune disease and cancer

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Project Archives

Breast Aware

Development of TCR gene transfer therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Role of complement protein properdin in tumour growth and metastasis

The identification of independent prognostic markers in Ovarian Cancer

Place-Making with Seniors: Towards Meaningful Affordable Housing

Designing Residential Care Environments

Learning Beyond Registration: An evaluation of dementia awareness courses in Northamptonshire

Dementia Academic Action Group

Evaluation of the Crisis Response Service

Evaluating the impact of a leaflet to raise awareness in women of symptoms of gynaecological cancers in primary care

Early Lung Cancer Detection in Corby


PhD Students

The Ageing Research Centre has a significant number of completed PhD students and a growing body of current students affiliated, including:

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