The Institute of Health and Wellbeing delivers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse need of our stakeholders across health and social care, including:

All of the work that IoHW is commissioned for is undertaken by a team of academics and researchers, comprised specifically for the project to ensure both disciplinary and methodological expertise.

All of our staff are vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service and have current Research Passports. Letters of Access are regularly arranged with NHS partners. IoHW staff are trained in ethical research practice and seek ethical approval at the appropriate level for each project. Information governance and data protection is of paramount importance to IoHW; staff are fully trained on both. Our Information Governance Policy is available to download below.

If you wish to commission the Institute of Health and Wellbeing for a specific piece of work, please contact Katie Jones, Manager. Our standard terms and conditions for such work are available to download below.

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