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September Lunchtime Seminar – Physical activity, the physical envioronment and affective states

14 Sep 2016 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Brampton, B4, Park Campus, The University of Northampton

Hosted by Centre for Physical Activity and Chronic Disease

Presentation by Dr. Florence-Emilie Kinnafick, CPsychol, FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Health Psychology

We’re miserable, but we’re in it together: The impact of the social and physical environment on how we feel during exercise

The importance of physical activity for health is supported by international guidelines: adults should accumulate 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, or engage in 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. However, despite known health benefits, engagement in physical activity remains low. Understanding how the social and physical environment can impact an individuals’ behaviour is essential to better facilitate persistence to exercise.

Affective responses (positive/negative feelings) to exercise are seen as key predictors of future physical activity behaviour. Specifically, it is the positive change in affect during exercise at a moderate intensity that is thought to be most conducive. High intensity exercise can provide comparable health benefits and requires a shorter amount of time overcoming a highly cited barrier to exercise: lack of time. However, due to its aversive impact on how an individual feels, it’s appropriateness as a mode of exercise is in question.

Florence will detail how the physical environment and in particular the restorative properties of green space, and different physical activity intensities can independently and collectively impact affective states. Further, she will discuss how exercising at high intensities in a group context has the potential to override negative affect and evoke feelings of achievement, competence and satisfaction.

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