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Research Workshop: Research ethics in health and biomedical research

1 Jun 2016 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Dr Merryn Ekberg

Senior Lecturer in Bioethics, School of Health; Chair of the School of Health Research Ethics Committee, and Deputy Chair of the University of Northampton Research Ethics Committee

Research ethics is a fundamental part of all biomedical and health research. It is a requirement for obtaining research funding and a pre-requisite for publication in academic journals. Conducting research ethically is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher, therefore all researchers must be aware of ethical principles and familiar with ethical guidelines and professional codes of conduct.

This interactive session will introduce the theories and principles behind research ethics, and explain the unique ethical dilemmas that arise in health and biomedical research. The session will include a discussion and analysis of some recent case studies in health and biomedical research ethics.

Suitable for researchers conducting empirical research and researchers preparing research proposals to be submitted to a research ethics committee.  Some knowledge and/or experience of primary research and/or writing research proposals is required.

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