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March Lunchtime Seminar: Developing Immunotherapy for Viral Cancers

8 Mar 2017 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Hosted by the Ageing Research Centre

Presenter: Dr Lee Machado BSc, PhD, FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry, University of Northampton

Developing Immunotherapy for Viral Cancers

Conventional treatments for cancer are toxic and typically involve either surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or some combination approach. There are often numerous and potent side effects because drugs or radiation whilst killing cancer cells do not spare our healthy cells. With Dr Steve Lee at the University of Birmingham we have published research exploring a type of immune therapy called adoptive T cell therapy. This approach involves removing the body’s killer T-cells, arming them, to make them more powerful, and returning them to the patient. This approach is highly experimental and the aim is to test this approach in clinical trials in the next few years for viral cancers. Specifically, this pre-clinical research contributes towards eradicating Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)-induced cancers from the world; For Cancer research UK, this represented one of their proposed Grand challenges; the aim of which is to reduce the 200,000 annual cases of EBV induced cancers to zero. Closer to home this work contributes to achieving the Universities’ Changemaker Challenge 2 which is to make Northamptonshire the leading county in the UK for Health and Wellbeing.

***   A sandwich lunch will be provided.  If you have any dietary requirements please email  ***

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