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April Lunchtime Seminar: A monstrous child; childhood disability and the making of the human

13 Apr 2016 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole

 Senior Research Fellow in Disability Studies & Psychology

Manchester Metropolitan University

In this presentation, Dr Runswick-Cole will explore the relationship between disability, childhood and the human with the aim of revealing both the contemporary and historical markings of childhood disability as an object of curiosity and of fear.  She will explore socio-cultural practices that render disabled children as monstrous which, in turn, leads to abuses, neglect and marginalisation.  At the same time, however, she will argue that is possible to resist, re-shape, re-fashion and revise narrow and normative conceptions of ‘disability’ and ‘childhood’ that limit children’s lives.  Disabled children have the potential to be key agents of change and to disrupt ‘common sense’ notions of ‘typicality’, ‘child’, ‘youth’ and, indeed, ‘adult’ and demand us to think again about who we value as human beings.

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 *** A Sandwich Lunch will be provided ***

Venue: Sulgrave, S029, Park Campus


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