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Jacqueline Parkes

As a Professor (Mental Health) in the Institute for Health and Wellbeing at Northampton, Jackie is Lead of the Centre for Applied Mental Health Research, Chair of the Dementia Research Network (UN) and lead for Public and Patient Involvement. Her subject specialisms are mental health and nursing research, with a particular focus on developing and implementing person-centred care pathways; young onset dementia, early intervention, and social support; service evaluation and review through action research, project management, and psychological aspects of health and well-being.

Jackie’s clinical background included working as a nurse practitioner with both mental health and learning disability patients in local and medium secure mental health units, and as a link tutor to all levels of secure psychiatric provision, from court diversion to high secure hospitals. Her doctoral research, conducted in both medium and high secure mental health services, explored the nature of psychological distress as expressed by female patients currently residing in secure psychiatric establishments.

As PPI Lead for the Institute, Jackie has developed a training programme for public engagement in research, which has generated extensive local, national, and international interest. The training model is currently being developed for delivery within a Danish context via a Joint PhD studentship between the UN, University College of Northern Denmark, and the University of Aalborg (DK).

As a Project lead, she works extensively with local organisations to evaluate their provision of health and social care services. Since 2005, she has jointly completed over 30 funded research projects and her 27 conference presentations have offered a varied portfolio, demonstrating her interests in women and self-harm, cultural aspects of mental health care, the evaluation of new roles and ways of working in mental health care, pedagogical research, the development of a community-based social support group for people with young onset dementia, and public/patient involvement in research.

Jackie has successfully supervised completed PhD studies which have explored mental health nursing in forensic services, as well education and infection control nursing. She currently has 9 students who are exploring intimacy and dementia in people over 65 years of age, drama and young onset dementia, professional identity in adult nursing, recovery in primary mental health care, referral pathways from community mental health teams to community forensic teams, and an insight into the Lifeworlds of people with early dementia- developing a qualitative participatory research model.